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Christopher Paolazzi

5th Grade Social Studies Course Description
Fifth grade Social Studies focuses on a variety of topics that are designed to broaden students understanding of early American History.  The year begins with an overview of geography and map skills. Students will learn about our continents, oceans, and major geographical features that shape the world today. Through hands-on experiences, students will learn how to read maps and apply these skills to everyday life.

As the year progresses, we will move into early European colonization, highlighting North America’s earliest colonies and explorers. After identifying North America’s earliest European settlers, we will shift our focus to England’s original 13 colonies. Students will learn about the motives of each colony’s foundation and characteristics that made each of the original 13 unique.

Next, students will learn about the difficulties of governing abroad as we discuss how the English colonies in North American began to organize and create a separate government from English rule. We will learn about the events and debates that lead up to the Declaration of Independence. Students will examine historical leaders and major events that took place during the American Revolution. They will be able to identify the risk and determination that shaped the foundation of our country.

After the American Revolution, we will pick up the pieces and learn about how our country’s founders put together the modern American Republic we see today. The year will end with Manifest Destiny, the idea that Americans had the right to expand westward across North America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

It is my goal for students to engage in the past and explore the story of the foundation of our country.

Students are evaluated based on their performance on quizzes, tests, projects, and homework assignments.  

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