Weekly Challenge Work

Second Grade Weekly Challenge Work

Pick at least one for the week.


  • Practice keyboarding for 10 minutes.
  • Write a letter to someone to brighten their day.
  • Start working on a puzzle. When you finish, take a picture and bring it in to share.
  • Research a rebus story. Write one.
  • Watch wheel of fortune with someone you love.
  • Become an expert on a topic. Read 4 nonfiction books on a topic that interests you. Write a report on your topic.
  • Pick a recipe to bake with someone you love. Write the recipe down and then write about how you used math to cook.
  • Find a spot where you can be an observer. Count the number of cars that pass by in a set amount of time. Record the color and make a graph.
  • Start to play the license plate game in the car. Record the states you find. Let us know when you have found 40 states.
  • Choose a book from the Meet the Artist Series or any biography of an artist. Create a piece of art using their technique.
  • With ADULT supervision view a clip on "youtube" of the off Broadway sensation stomp. Look for the brooms segment. They make music in a unique way. Find an object in your house. Find a way to make music with it. If you would like an audience, ask your teacher for a time to perform.
  • Find a new educational website. Write a review of it and describe how you it could be useful in school.
  • Look through your writing. Find a word that you frequently misspell. Make up a song, rhyme or chant to help you remember it. Write it down and bring it in.
  • Create puppets using socks, paper plates, Popsicle sticks, or lunch bags. Write a script for your puppets and perform it for someone at home.
  • Plan a birthday party. Think of everything you will need. Itemize a list and calculate the total cost of the party.
  • With adult supervision, go to science bob.com or sciencekids.co.nz Pick an experiment that interests you. Complete it and write a summary of your findings.
  • Create a cartoon using dialogue that teaches a strategy for bullying.
  • Create a how to paragraph.
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