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A merry band of Forest Friends (heroes, really) set out to grow an Enchanted Forest. In this Forest they planned to grow a lifetime love of literacy, a sense of community, and hopefully some money. Our band of Friends (again, heroes) faced uncertainty: when will the library wall come down? They faced adventure: Merry Peppermint* (Gina Nigara) drove through a hurricane so that we might enjoy free snacks and humblebrag at Scholastic Headquarters.  But still they dreamed big and would not be deterred! The Enchanted Forest was ready! It was magical! It was more than anyone could have imagined! Alas! Disaster struck: a crippling snowstorm; thunder-sleet; a power outage. What would our Friends do? "Scale back our expectations," said Bubbles (Christina Kelly). "We lost our most profitable days. Instead of $20,000.00 we try for $15,000.00." They worked harder. They worked later. They looked out at the frozen landscape; Squeezy (Erika Lakoff) put a big, beautiful tree there. Dr. Rapunzel welcomed the community and read to our littlest forest friends. And then magic happened. The Enchanted Forest grew! And it grew! It continued to grow! It grew so wonderful and strong that it burst through the original goal.  Our Heroes grew approximately $21,117.02.** To be continued... Because stories with pictures are awesome:
Posted by bazar  On Dec 03, 2018 at 9:35 AM
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